હાથ-પગ, ઘૂંટણ, કોણી, ખભા સહિત સાંધાઓમાં થતો દુખાવો આ દેશી દવાથી મટાડો, ઘરગથ્થુ ઉપચાર

 In Ayurveda, 80 types of ailments have been shown to be due to bloating. One of these disorders is arthritis. Which is called arthritis in English. Arthritis of the joints of the body. In which the ligament between the bones is reduced and the joints become stiff. So that the person has difficulty moving forward. So today we will tell you the causes, symptoms and remedy of this problem.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes swelling in the joints such as the elbows, elbows and shoulder joints. The patient has difficulty moving. This problem is more common in the legs. This problem is more common at night, cold and monsoon.

Treatment of arthritis

Treating arthritis requires patience. Arthritis patients should stay away from cold winds and cold water. In Ayurveda, castor oil is very beneficial in arthritis. Take castor oil with a decoction of ginger as per medical advice. Castor works to senile the joints by reaching where it stops. Do not take anti-diet. This increases the acidity in the blood and strengthens the joints. Massaging aerated oils like Nirgundi oil, Panchgun oil, Mahavishrvarbha oil, Datura oil etc. are beneficial for arthritis.

Avoid slight movements in arthritis. Do not be completely inactive, so that the joints do not become too tight.

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