ઉનાળુ વેકેશન સંભવિત તારીખ જાણો

Thus, I have no qualifications other than the title of 'Frontline Worker' conferred by the nation. I did not go to the border and fight the war, nor did I make a name for the nation in any field. I am an ordinary citizen who is earning for my family and wants security in the country.

While taking the vaccine, I was constantly asked, "Do I really deserve this privilege from the nation?" What national duties have I performed before the nation demanded this vaccine? The ego man inside me kept telling me that the nation did no favors by vaccinating you. This is your right. Every citizen has a right.

So on the other hand some thoughtful citizen inside me was telling me what did you do for the nation before you demanded your rights from the government? Nimit, this star is not right. This is the generosity shown by the nation.

Generosity and philanthropy became stronger as the vaccination process progressed. He gave me a warm and cheerful welcome at the vaccination site. Confirm my name in the registration and be careful not to waste my time.


Although I am a doctor, he gave me a thorough understanding of the vaccine and its general side effects before giving me the vaccine. There was no disgust on the faces of the staff working there, there was excitement. There was no gratitude, there was service. There was no harshness, there was humility. Seeing his kindness and care really made me feel like ‘My India is great.

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