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 WhatsApp Status, MP3 Converter and Status Saver Video Splitter for its 3E1 app.

(1) Split the video in 30 seconds and set the video to WhatsApp status (Split video in 30-30 seconds and set all the parts in WhatsApp status)

(2) Save status and share.

(3) Convert video mode to MP3.

Let you save the app video status and image status. Many of your WhatsApp friends set nice statuses but WhatsApp does not offer any function to save it. But the WFVS app allows you to save WhatsApp status.

This app gives you another fantastic function that the WFVS app splits a long video into 30-30 seconds of video. Now you can easily set WhatsApp status on your account.

Now you can do 3 things in 1 Android app.

1) Video split in 30 seconds.

2) WhatsApp Status Saver / Status Saver 2020.

3) Convert your favorite video status to MP3.

After much research and tireless efforts friends, this app is created for you. So I hope you and your friends will use this app and make the WhatsApp experience more exciting.

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