ક્યા ખોરાકમાં શેની મિલાવટ છે ઘરે બેઠા જાણવાની સરળ રીત

Report to system if confused after home inspection: ASI Commissioner

Food adulteration is on the rise and many places have been raided with chemicals. Food adulteration comes in lab tests while not everyone can get this test done. So how will people easily know if what they have bought is safe or not?

Rajkot District Food and Drugs Assistant Commissioner L.D. Discussing with Faldu, he said that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has issued a Dart Book i.e. Detect Alteration with Rapid Test which can be downloaded from the website and by studying it one can easily know that it is mixed with milk, ghee. Whether, oil, cereals. Whether or not.

No other devices are required for this. In some tests, iodine called tincture is found in medical stores and can be detected based on it, as it has a color-changing nature in some blends. Insist on the bill at the time of purchase and if there is any confusion in it report it to the corporation or district administration and direct action can be taken where the purchase is made.

Place a drop of milk on a smooth surface like a glass. If these droplets land on the ground and leave a white line behind, it is pure milk, if it does not leave and flows immediately, it contains more water.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Put a little honey in a glass of water. If honey dissolves in water, it will be sugar. Pure honey does not melt. Also put honey in cotton honey and burn it, pure honey will burn immediately and there will be noise in the mixture.

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