સોશિયલ મીડિયા હેકિંગથી કેવી રીતે બચશો ?

This is not the first time a social media account of a celebrity, businessman or political leader has been hacked. Earlier in September, the Twitter account of PM Narendra Modi's personal website was hacked and in July, the Twitter accounts of people like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Alan Musk were hacked. Even earlier, celebrities had Twitter accounts.

Cases of social media hacking have increased worldwide, according to Statista's survey. Social media accounts of 22% of internet users have been hacked. 14% of users' accounts have been hacked more than once. Avinash Jain, a cyber security expert living in Bengaluru, said that the way to hack every social media account is the same as that of hackers. It provides hackers with two ways to hack.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

According to experts, you have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Users use all these digital platforms to stay connected with people socially and professionally. Both of these errors can cause hackers to hack the account. First, if there are any loopholes in the social media app, take advantage of this same technical flow. However, social media companies have a good technical professional team, but hackers are still looking for technical loopholes.

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