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Walkie Talkie App: free calls without internet

Walkie Talkie App: free calls without internet is a ptt walkie talkie application which allows you to free talk friends and family for free over wifi networks, Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot . With online walkie talkie communication make a free call without Internet or mobile data package not even needed the mobile network just connect with same wifi. It works fast because of it’s two way radio walkie talkie App. You may not find such useful app in rest of walkie talkie apps.

In communication apps: Walkie Talkie App: free calls without internet application is where you are free to choose any nickname and free talk to people from all over the different floors. Just push to talk and start free calls are made in the app.

With Wifi Walkie Talkie App offers the easy feature to use ptt walkie talkie where you can free call without Internet it does not require internet 2G, 3G, 4G network or mobile network connection, bluetooth and hotspot. It is very beneficial and help for for those in same house of building, can't find in any other walkie talkie apps.

With ptt walkie talkie, you can free call without Internet freely with your family and friends or with colleagues via walkie talkie communication, who are connected with same Wi-Fi network who are in different floors, won’t find in communication apps because it is two way radio walkie talkie.

If you want to have a wifi walkie talkie communication with a secure call, here is hardly a place where you can do it more efficiently, easily and safely free talk, than use our application.

This online walkie talkie application is a communication apps that gives the users the ability to free talk with other people. There is secure call and anybody who has this two way radio walkie talkie app set to the same frequency will be able to hear you. Do you search for walkie talkie apps on playstore? try our app it is amazing.

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The online walkie talkie app connects the users and free talk in the same wifi network. You have no internet and talk to your friend near you with our wifi walkie talkie application this is a very good application with the easy way to use for secure call it and also very fast you just need to install two way radio walkie talkie application and use it.

Share it with your family and friends to enjoy wifi walkie talkie application if you want free nearby call. There is also a channel scanning system that allows the user to search all channels and see if there is anybody on any channel speaking. So you can search the channels to see if a body is talking and start talking to him

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