તિથી તોરણ હવે ગુજરાતી માં તમામ વાર અને તિથિઓ ની જાણકારી

TITHI TORAN PDF CALENDER YEAR 2021: Tithi Toran by its very name suggest providing useful information of dates, weeks, events, auspicious occasion, good Omen etc for each dayof the year. This is a combination of Calendar and panchang


All Festivals In Gujarati, Hindi & English As Celebrated In India. Covers Vikram, Mahavir, Saka Samvat Details For 2019.

Detailed Calendar/Almanac showing local Sun Rise & Sun Set, Moon Rise & Moon Set. Day/Night chogadiya marked with current chogadiya. All calculation done as per local co-ordinates.

App Features:

✔ 2021 gujarati calendar with panchang

✔ Festivals and Holidays of 2021

✔ Fasting days of 2021

✔ Complete Month calendar view

✔ Daily info on Nakshatra, Tithi and Yoga

✔ Rahukala, Yamaganda and Gulika timings

✔ Shuba Muhurta 2021 dates

✔ sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset

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✔ Abijith kala and Amrutha kala

✔ Today Horoscope

✔ Monthly Horoscope

✔ Yearly Horoscope

✔ Temples of Gujarat

✔ Complete 2021 calendars


Shows Vinchhudo, Panchak, Auspicious/Inauspicious/Regular Day.

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