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At the end of the day, the late primary teachers of the state will get the benefit from the old date - Jet Yale Fair (GNS) Gandhinagar, T.18 | Seniority will be taken into consideration. 

 Primary | The exchange will be smooth. Dhit State Primary School | Educational Federation introduced earlier | So far for Std. 1 to 8 Good news for teachers today | This was taken into consideration by the government S is being considered as a continuous unit. Elementary school has decided. Government of Gujarat | 

Since the benefit of seniority Approximately two lakh teachers have been discharged from the district due to lack of duty in primary schools. Their transfers were delayed. The government has given benefits. State | Large in the rule of transfer of teachers |

 Late release in primary schools as per government announcement Was modified. Benefit to Jet teachers from old date after inclusion as per new rule from Std-1 There will also be no competition for teacher recruitment. Not only that, merge | 

 Pana teachers began to take exams in increasing cases. Also seniority of two school teachers | Will be included in Std-6 to 8 Primary divided into parts 2) Will be counted. Merged school at the time of change | No. The seniority of both is different The teachers of Std. 1 to 8 will be considered separately in the school Due to determining the qualification of PTC in recruitment, the district transfer ceremony of primary teachers (on page 5) wdrsnil Din DH. Ab Mob.M.0000

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