વ્યવસ્થાના ભાગ રૂપે બીજી શાળામાં ક્યારે જવાનું થાય..?વ્યવસ્થામાં જનાર શિક્ષકને કેટલા અંતર પછી ટી.એ , બીલ મળે ?

When to do this school hair in the system where to go. How far does the teacher who goes to the system get TA, bill? The teacher in charge of the system who can handle the school, departmental, administrative and financial work?

 Answer: Brother, as you say, the rules regarding transfer of school management have been changed by the Government. Chapter 2 of 4-5-2017 has made it clear that in case of retirement, resignation or other reasons of the teacher without the help of a school teacher, 

the headteacher of the group school should not appoint another teacher from any of the group schools as a permanent teacher in the school. Until then the school management will have to give performance. The headteacher of the secret school will be responsible for the regular running of the school with such operations. Thus, there is a provision to send any teacher of the secret school for arrangement. In which seniority does not have to be added.

 Also std. If 6 to 8 teachers are to be placed. Has not been sung, which has been on the shore ever since. If you have to go on duty at a distance greater than C (in the air radius) TA. , D.A., meetable. But if Sabang is more days, then the number of days outside the headquarters- | D.A., remains to be shaped. T.A. Just come and go is shaped. When the charge of the school is handed over, the mother has to take care of all the administrative, financial and financial responsibilities.

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