ધોરણ 10 ના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે વિજ્ઞાન હેતુલક્ષી પ્રશ્નોની બુક

oeinl Ginec, 1 Heritage of India. (21) The Aryans in India called the Australians 'Kirats'. (25) The Aryans had a tradition of worshiping with lamps, incense and Aarti. (22) The word Nishad was applied to the Bhili people. (26) Alpine people were of yellow descent and were known as ‘Kirat’ (23) Negrito treasure in the development of Indian culture and civilization. The contribution is exclusive. 

or two of the following questions. (1) What is experienced from Indian culture? (12) Which family system was prevalent among the Dravidians? Um. ‘J’, ‘fa’ and ‘jaan no u. Matrimonial (2) Whose gift is natural heritage? (13) Which people came to Tibet from North-West China to India? Was it nature? (3) By whom and the creation of landscapes is seen? A. Mongoloid U.S. By land-shapes (

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14) Yellow color, flat face, raised cheeks and almonds (4) What honor have we given to the river? Shaped eyes were the physical features of which people? A. Lokmatanu U. Mongoloida (5) Asian lions in the world to see in which forests of Gujarat (15) Which people were known as 'Kirat'? Get ? A. Mongoloid U.S. In the forests of Gir (16) Aryans were known by what other name? (6) In which posture do we have four lions, a horse, an elephant and an ox? .6 Nodic figure is seen? (17) What name did the Aryans give to Northwest India? . In the national currency | 6. Saptasindhu (7) What is cultural heritage? (18) Where is Uttarardha Nritya Mahotsav celebrated? A. Man-made heritage In Modhera (8) Indian Sculpture - Architecture How many years old (19) Which of the following 12 Jyotirlingas is located in Gujarat? A. 5000 years AD: Somnath Temple (9) Name of an ancient relic of Indus Valley Civilization (20) Which festival is celebrated in Vadnagar? Give. 8. Tana - Riri 6. Bearded male (or idol of dancer) (21) Which Jain shrine is located in Bhavnagar district? (10) Who are the oldest inhabitants of India? U.2 Palitana. Negrito (or Negro) (22) Which famous lake is located in Patan? (11) Dark color, long and wide head. It is a short, flat nose. Sahasralinga was a physical feature of which people? (23) Which famous mosque is located in Ahmedabad? A: Australian people (Nishad people) A: Is there a Jama Masjid?

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