આંગળીના ટેરવાથી જાણો તમારા બાળકની ક્ષમતાઓ

  • Fingerprints can be used to learn about a child's inner skill and mental growth

  •  CFMID, a Vadodara-based company, has developed special software that will help shape the future of children

  •  The company also started a Center for Understanding Criminal Psychology in collaboration with the National Defense University

 As parents, everyone is concerned about the future of their children.  What will happen when your child grows up?  What will be his skills and what will be his mental growth?  There are so many types it's hard to say.  Many such questions are answered in our ancient Puranas, but we are not aware of them due to lack of proper interpretation.  CFMID Limited, a Vadodara-based company, has developed a software based on Vishnupuran's 'Hand Oceanography' and a combination of modern fingerprint technology, which will help improve the future of children

RRU will study Psychological and Behavioral Aspects

 The director of the School of Criminology, Crime Science and Behavioral Sciences at the National Defense University (RRU), S.  L.  Via said a research center has been set up at the university in collaboration with CFMID Ltd. for the purpose of studying psychological and behavioral aspects.  In this we collect fingerprint samples both indoors and outdoors and do research on them to know about the criminal mindset in children.  We will also be scanning university students, which will help them in their further studies and their skills.

 Staff of CFMID Ltd. and National Defense University.

 Created a special mobile app for fingerprint

 Darpan Vyas said that before the lockdown, we had conducted a program in Gujarat Government's Eklavya School as well as a school in Pune and collected the fingerprints of the students and informed the school and parents about the innate qualities in them.  We had to do similar programs in other schools, but this was not possible because of Corona.  Then in June 2020 we launched a mobile app in which anyone's fingerprint can be analyzed.  So far, more than 1400 people have used this app for fingerprint analysis

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