ફોટો એડિટર - જેમાં છે 3D ઈફેક્ટ,ગ્લિટચ ઈફેક્ટ અને 100+ બીજી ઇફેકટો

Glitch Photo Editor offers amazing VHS, bug effects and after effects bundle to artistically distort your photos. It also has numerous retro, vintage filters and aesthetic stickers. With just one simple tap, you can create a simple photo in unique photo art.

Trippy Photo Editor

Trippy Photo Editor lets you add cool trippy effects to your photos. Start your psychedelic journey with these trippy effects. If you are a fan of VP Parvez style, you cannot ignore this Trippy Photo Editor.

Retro photo editor

The retro trend is back. Retro Photo Editor gives you a host of vintage photo effects and retro filters to get you back to when you were happy and young.

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Glitch Photo Editor combines old-school and modern digital styles well. Its bug effect, effect sticker and psychedelic elements bring sharp visual contrasts, making your photo attractive on Instagram.

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