મતદાન માટે માન્ય ઓળખ દસ્તાવેજ

 From Employees, Hon'ble | The Chief Minister, on 1/06/207 Golden Complex-1, has been overcome . 5500 (2) Chief Secretary, Received New Secretariat, Gandhinagar, {Allah (or use. 1900 100 300 600 C / C 'Association Block of State Government Department Class-III? Jan. S-Rum / 3/2021. | 

New Secretariat, Gandhinagar. Hon'ble Chief Minister to Kalaya Block No-1, 5th Floor,. Chief Secretary's Oller Government of Gujarat On the relevant subject, it is to be mentioned that with the resolution dated 19/06/2009, a scheme has been implemented to keep class-4 employees in fixed salary for five years. Implemented in fixed salary for five years from the year 2005. In addition to this, the policy of fixed salary for five years is also unfair and unconstitutional t

o the employees who have been shown mercy in some departments. , No Or to amend the policy. Thus, proceedings to withdraw the case from the Supreme Court are expected, so we reiterate our request that the next date. The government returned the case when the final hearing of Sundar's petition is likely to start from 12/09/2021. Is. 5400 Hon'ble 600 al 700 Respected Sir, the policy of keeping in salary has been abolished and all benefits +

have been given. Against which the Gujarat government has appealed to the Supreme Court. Which is pending since Special Leave Petition No. 1912 / 1912-2018. This matter has been repeatedly raised by different congregations. But every time a reply is received from the Government that, as the matter is currently under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, no action is expected from here on the matter. Your response above is not relevant, as our request is from the Supreme Court in this case.

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